2 days after a football game in San Francisco

On Sunday Nov 6 a US football game was played in San Francisco. The game was in the daytime and the broadcast at one point showed a picturesque blimp shot of the hill Coit Tower sits on. The lingering shot was used to mark the difference between the commercials and the game, and show the sponsors' logos.

While watching the game I was surprised. I have seen many sports games televised from the city before, but never seen a blimp shot of that particular landmark. Flashing thru my mind then was the thought that some football fans would misinterpret it.

Wouldn't you know it, but two days later Bill O'Reilly remarked that he wouldn't mind if the tower was attacked by terrorists! Blogs all over the place are mentioning this, but I haven't seen any mention of the football game broadcast (one of the teams was from the NY-area and O'Reilly is too).

Whether he saw the game or not, I agree with this majikthise poster as to the likely reason O'Reilly picked out the tower for his fantasy...

important point

I am not saying O'Reilly is homosexual. I don't think he is. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. But a man having a virulent reaction to a building that reminds him of a penis - that is the way many rw closet-cases behave.

tacked on 11/16: I should add that O'Reilly said this on nationally- syndicated radio on election day. He was on the east coast and his show starts at 5pm (but this is only 2pm in California and polls there close at 8pm).

The timing of the statement, then, was due to it being election day (not because of the game). But O'Reilly's picking out a landmark few have heard of, I would still guess was due to it being shown during the game 2 days before. Also it is possible that O'Reilly doesnt care about the shape of the tower, but demagogue-sensed some of his listeners might (and might have seen the game).

Basically, a man went on the radio and directly addressed people 3000 miles away -who might easily have been driving to the polls- they might be killed unless they voted the way he wanted them to. All of O'Reilly's really crappy aspects are involved here - fear mongering, contempt for the political process, chickenhawkism, worship of centralized state power.

Real conservatives do not behave like this.