This is about a cartoon that appears in many US newspapers. But I do not read the funnies, so I wouldn't know.

a claim about underlying symbolism:
“Marmaduke the dog is the rape fantasy taken flesh; he is the overpowering force that conquers your will and thus leaves you inculpable. You physically cannot resist; therefore you are absolved of responsibility. It is not your fault. (The tacit implication is that you are then free to enjoy it guiltlessly.)”
a claim about the fans of the strip:
“This is great for little-old-lady-with-her-morning-tea comicstrippery (while the coal-black spark in her inmost being is fanned, perhaps, into a wan but unrecognized flame) but bad for our hip, ironic, post-postmodern cynical times.”

[originally appeared in a longer post
about Backwards City vias]