the hands in a manga Futurama, w 3 Simpsons links

An artist called Spacecowboy has done a drawing, colored with markers, of what the cast of Futurama would be like if rendered as manga.

-Futurama- as manga, by Spacecowboy
big image at link

Click to the wallpaper-sized image and notice how the artist rendered the hands of each character differently.


The drawing of the hands that way reminds me of the MLK quote:
"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."

now for 3 Simpsons references

The artist's 'The Simpsonzu' and 'Dysfunctional Neighbour Totoro' remind me of a famous Matthew Diffee cartoon
mocking t-shirts like these.

For further reading I recommend the WaPo article subtitled 'What Makes a Cartoon New Yorker-Worthy?'. It includes a short profile of Diffee (it will only be available for free for little while longer).