people thinking about monkeys and the Apocalypse

Several years ago I spotted in a bunch of movies the underlying idea of a headless chicken.

Now it's monkeys combined with the end of the world.

The most popular sports site on the internet hosts Bill Simmons. In the last 2 days his ' report from NBA all-star weekend appeared.
An account of events last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It's not a great read but Simmons mentions
“Paris Hilton's birthday party on Saturday night featured a goat, a monkey, a naked woman on a bed of glass and the Kiss midget band. I think this exact scenario appears in the scripture passage about Armageddon.” more

Apparently unrelated, today on a football site someone started a thread with this
“The link is for the official trailer of Apocalypto... Safe for work, assuming you can watch movie trailers at work. Let the trailer load up.. about 80% of the way through, there is a screaming monkey. When you see the monkey, pause the trailer and rewind frame by frame.”
I didn't even look. It doesn't matter if Gibson's image is there or not. If it is then inside Gibson's head the name 'Apocalypto' is linked to a monkey. If it isn't then the same linkage is in the poster's head.

Paris Hilton isn't the only lonely rich person in the world. Maybe that's it. My basic point is, if these two people have recently been unconsciously thinking of apocalypses and of monkeys, then probably millions have been.


The midget theme, I think, is a more long-standing insecurity in the culture. As portrayed in this movie, or demonstrated by this company.

updated: 2007-07-25