Getting Fuzzy about the extension of the self

This Get Fuzzy strip is a metaphor.

Get Fuzzy 2007-07-14

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I do not refer to the mild criticism of the wasteful consumer. Everyone spots that. I'm talking about the zen meaning.

This expresses it
“What is created, what grows, is the amount of life I can hold without it upsetting me, dominating me. At first this space is quite restricted, then it's a bit bigger, and then it's bigger still. It need never cease to grow. And the enlightened state is that enormous and compassionate space. But as long as we live we find there is a limit to our container's size and it is at that point that we must practice.”

[Charlotte Joko Beck, via]

It's New Age: the superficial consumer (Satchel, the dog) has found his container's size, and it is hardly bigger than he is.

As far as I can tell, the name of the comic strip is a suggestion to think fuzzily. Which is excellent advice.

The Modern World itself needs to use more fuzzy logic (for instance, in its laws). People will complain because fuzzy rules are more complicated, but reality is complicated.

  • Darby Conley gets a lot of the strips rejected because of their content
  • Satchel is jokingly half-Shar Pei, half-yellow lab

updated: 2007-07-25