The Rise of Passive-Agressive Infrastructure

It is everywhere.

Every train station, airport, and highway has it.
Packaged consumer goods have it.
The famous Windows® operation system has it.

It is passive-aggressive infrastructure.

Our world now demands of us our time. it constantly says
-Look at me!
-Listen to me!
-Pay attention to this!

You might think that the world is simply filling up with needy people, helpless children (of all ages), and desperate governments. But no. It is worse. These people have collectively created a world to match their passive-aggression. They are inflicting their neediness on the world, and they have critical mass.

To get a measure of the extremity of what I talking about, imagine being transported to world where all males walk around carrying their balls in a jar. Men who gave up being men so long ago they forgot that there is better way. You would be shocked and saddened being transported to that place.

That I how I see this world, a world where everyone has been castrated of anthropological knowledge. Anthropology is easy, and simple. Yet an entire world has allowed this genuine path to wisdom to be surgically removed (metaphorically).

All the colossal dipshits on TV. All the whorish pundits (every single freaking one) thinks in terms of KNOWING. their minds are constantly thinking vainly
- I know this!
- I know that!
- I know that other thing!

and they are everywhere.

Leaving aside that half the stuff they think they know is not true, simply limiting themselves to knowledge, to being receptacles of received truth has made them morons. It is easy to spot, notice that they never, ever, ever talk in terms of WISDOM.

And so the world they so lead in their sad, bloated, insipid style (despite all the yelling and all the frenzies) is heading off a cliff.

Our world.

Let everyone have a moments peace. Stop being intrusive! Stop trying to be helpful so much!
Let us think! Leave us alone! Leave us in peace! Stop trying to control everything! Stop pretending you know what is best for someone else. My life is my own. Entirely and completely.

I finish with a couple of examples of stuff I cannot stand.

popup operating systems

It is not the internet or video games that are destroying the hope of the world (via crippling of the mind). It is the TV in the airports. And their cyber-equivalent, the popup operating systems. The idea of "always on top" for windows is as bizarre an idea as a "war on drugs" and so on, but no one gets this. Only a world of anthropological eunuchs would end up with an operating system with this principle. Nothing should be able to pop up on top of what I am doing. Ever (and thus "always on top" would not be needed).

headlights on cars in the daytime

Simple anthropological instincts would stop this practice. Destroying the sense of the daytime sky. Some even put up racks of brights, trying to compensate for their dullness brought about by their lifetimes of obedience. Pathetic, really. Just look at the drivers, it's usually the dullards and the creeps that do this (when they are opting for it).