the kind of idea that grows on you

Does this look like something that is expanding?

Oh, but that's from water. It has to be. Everyone says so.

Possibly in your mind water on the moon and water on Mars is the same story. Or that, you munched it down: water on both. But since it was there after most of the asteroids hit, just, mirabile dictu, a semi-ancient solar system spritzing of some kind?

Or maybe you think, they are just planetarians and have to chase some tail. Jobz, n'est-ce pas?. (it's almost as if Moon water was Bin Laden and Mars water is Saddam Hussein. Or something.)

Now check out the (computer generated) videos here. You will be amazed.

My ultimate point is: Why don't they even consider the idea? Could it be their subconscious sees stretch marks, and this freaks them out?

P.S. for twenty years I have engaged in a special yoga practice, quite likely the deepest yoga ever. I will not divulge much about it. I will say this: there are breath taboos. Oh, and one of them involves growth.