one about politics, again about liars, and about TED

Today, Reddit has a thread about a video called "How to spot a liar".

No commenter in either forum seems to get that in the 21st century the actuality of the liar is waved like a red cape to maneuver dumb animals.

Of course, running through a list of actual liars is called 'brilliant'.

To me the subtext seemed to be:  you, the lovely audience, with your fake sciences, fake anthropology, fake history, bad economics, and relentless spin are not the problem, those bad people who blatantly lie are!

I admit I did not watch all of it. TED makes me grit my teeth.

I will try to be succinct - with a few exceptions the world is not poker. It is more like, poker but where most of the other players hallucinate each time they glance at their hole cards.