idea for a book + synth audio feed test

I haven't posted in a while. Partly because what I have been thinking about is too political for this blog.

If I did write more, it would probably be a huge effort, an anthropology of the last 4 decades of the West: how politics has become fantasy (how the official versions of history are getting faker and faker); And what are the root anthropological causes.

I have done a preliminary outline. Of the twenty or so topics the list of indirecteffect-appropriate topics would be:

-Bill James (insiderism vs outsiderism)
-Big Bang theory vs Creationism
-the phantom-time hypothesis (just a hypothesis)
-the origins of homosexuality (and why Westerners can't figure this out)

Yes, this list is eclectic, but that's why the book might need to be written.

The West's problems are only superficially in the various political spectra (+ only superficially due to religious differences). Deep down the problems are anthropological.


I recently noticed the Odiogo gizmo, providing better-than-expected TTS audio for blogs and tried it out. Unfortunately it generated the audio from the short feeds I had set, and now I can't figure out how to recreate the feeds in the long form. So all the audio for the earlier posts are cut off.

This post hopefully will be entirely put in the feed and then automatically turned into a full TTS audio.