Paris Hilton, genius

A few years ago, I suggested geniuses were people who had an inability to make a facial expression, and long-term channeled that expression into other behavior.

With my usual dense writing, I included
  • how to spot geniuses
  • why they have a positive impact
  • what the face is for normally
What I didn't write - but could have - is that this definition expands the set of geniuses surprisingly. There just are people with this minor disability, but no particular math,writing or social skills. And some of these sublimate long term their frustrated facial expressions - finally converting them to something else.

For instance ... Paris Hilton.

Paris has trouble expressing things with her eyes.

If you don't believe this, click here, to see her talk.
(btw, I didn't get the idea from video, it's Paris dimly recognizing and self-deprecating this aspect of herself)

I suggest two things have flowed from Paris' minor disability
  • her playing the role of someone who doesn't care what other people see
  • I wouldn't say Paris volunteered to be the butt of sexual humor, but ultimately I think her sublimated face is converting the situation of her celebrity into something good.
    Just as you do pre-consciously, with your eye movements every day
All this is how Paris has found herself playing the role of the sacrificially degraded - humiliated for others sins (in their minds). Millions project their own guilt about sex onto Paris Hilton and this makes them happier about themselves.

Which is a good.