where you think Life came from - where you think you came from

These questions are normally grouped separately as questions of evolutionary biology,  developmental psychology, and political ideology.

  1. how you think Life originated billions of year ago
  2. how you think your personality formed
  3. what you want society to be like

For the purpose of this post, I look at them as linked.

how did Life start?

  • abiogenisis, the athiest's choice (lightning hit a swamp or something)
  • God did it
  • you don't want to think about it

how does personality form?

  • genes + environment
  • God did it
  • you don't want to think about it

what should society be like?

  • one big nurturative safe space the world over, except for dissenters (whose careers should be destroyed)
  • everyone strives for themselves
  • you don't want to think about it
Long story short, I don't agree with any of these answers. 

What I think at this moment
  1. we would not fight over our beginning if humans weren't an admixture of different hominids (the simplest evidence is, the more admixtury a group is, the more they care)
  2. personality forms from original will, by each one of us, not a miracle but a phenomenon of what time is, what reality is
  3. 'society' is a secondary question which people are not ready for
this post is about spirituality. I mean it was. Since it is over.