A lot of Western liberals have all these guilts

[EDITED 2016-05-25]

Bronze Age, genomic, racial, climatic, personal, synergistic

I am not a reactionary conservative. For example, I support gay marriage.

 And also sometimes guilt can be real (or least a path to something real). 

This is not a condemnation of liberals, it's just what they feel guilty about.

Now, let's go through the types.

- Bronze Age guilt is when you own something you know your society could not produce, and you know it arrived in your life on the back of Power.

start at the 6 minute mark

It is why Western liberals love farmers markets a bit more than they merit.

- genomic guilt is when you have better genes than other people. Usually included is a rule that separate groups who are protected by PC  must not be referred to together. For example, if you tell liberals at a party that Political Correctness protects both gays and people with Downs syndrome they will see you as evil. IMO, because you aren't feeling the genomic guilt they think you should be, even if it makes no difference . ... upshot: genomic guilt creates cognitive dissonance.

- racial  guilt. Usually this is referred to as white liberal guilt. Everyone is familiar with it.

It exists both in the individual also in collective liberal ethics. A rule forms that everyone can be proud of their race, except whites. Another rule forms that whites cannot co-opt other cultures but anyone non-white should get a little help to reach a position of power in what was used to be mostly white culture. A white actress cannot play a Japanese role, but a black person should play James Bond - or that proves racism, or "it's their turn", or something

mind, I am not saying this is wrong, or even that multiculturalism is necessarily an unworkable plan, I am only saying its motivation is guilt.

racial guilt on steroids is the idea that whites are to blame for everything bad.  And never give credit to Western culture for anything good.

racial guilt's doppelganger inside the individual white liberal is their constant noticing of what race other people are. ie their racination. They are sure they can end racism by upping the energy level of their guilt, but this also increases that doppelganger inside of them. ... This double energy is weirdly admirable.  And to a leftist any white who does not have such a duality is  called 'white trash' , which they are sure it not a racist term because those whites are choosing to be like how leftists of other races are, Or something.

- climatic guilt.   .. requires it's own essay ...those seriously afflicted with it are closeted, meaning they are turned on by what they say they are against, and seek out to experience the issue, so much so we can call it climate porn (soft-core, of course).

Some leftists that feel that humans are an evil ape, a cancer who by our very existence are endangering (Mother) Earth. The think that (Father) scientists say so.  And yes, with liberals climatic guilt is linked to gender identities. There is is even a Feminist Glaciology paper (paid for by US federal funds) that complains about how drilling into glaciers to get core samples is too masculine. Now that's guilt!

note that the only huge consensus is about radiative forcing.  There is also a consensus on downwelling radiation ... not about the accelerations. not about the presumed catastrophes ...  I actually know the topics well   ... Yes, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but leftist catastrophism has become pathological.

Some with the most serious cases of climatic guilt want humans to go extinct to save the planet and simultaneously want fossil fuels to be illegal because they collectively fantasize it will kill billions. These same types think oil companies are conspiring against them while being sure skeptics (who are typically buttoned-down retired engineers), are the conspiracy theorists

Calling the belief system climatic guilt has spawned a cult or a new religion is irrelevant. Its merged  with a special dual fuel of closeted apocalypse fantasy and out-in-the-open radical restructuring of every culture on the planet, for "climate and social justice"

This may be its true origin: that liberals planned resolution to their climatic guilt allows for the resolution of many of their other guilts ....  This would explain a  lot . Why for example, it's totalitarian quality is apparently seen as a plus by liberals... if a normal person says to a typical liberal that they are more afraid of eco-totalitarianism than sea-level rise the liberal will probably pretend they didn't hear. Why? ... because the resolution to their other guilts is harking to them in their head.

- personal guilt - this typically takes two forms
  1.  a liberal did something they are ashamed of (like not recycling that old computer, let's pretend that's the worse thing)
  2. they voted for somebody who did something clearly immoral (this type of personal guilt is more common that one might think, and occurs with conservatives, too)
For example, Dan Liberal votes for Hillary Clinton  in the NY State Senatorial election. She then votes for the invasion of Iraq, which led to the death of millions. What does Dan do? ... he goes all  EJTM (ends justify the means logic) and becomes a liberal asshole. He searches out logically-bankrupt-but-seemingly-convincing reading material to use to defend himself in case anyone normal & moral challenges him in a social or cyber setting.  To alleviate his personal guilt of that vote.

- synergistic guilt - the most complicated one.

Say some famous, admired author whose every book is about fear, and has written a couple pervy scenes, looks a little pervy on the jacket cover. Or some famous admired Hollyood actress admits to doing something pervy to her sibling, or lies about being raped. Or an ex-President was a lech, or worse.

Suppose in all these cases the celebrity is admired and is also liberal. What does the liberal decide?

In these cases the collectivist in the liberal means they fell the need to share guilt (that might exist, they shut out of their minds), by which this means, normalize it. 'Cultural Marxism' - a kind of subversion - is enjoyed compulsively and unconsciously. Decade after decade. Hollywood makes movies mocking normal people, These movies are praised by the liberal since the liberal is a 'social being' and has wanted to be like (or friends with) the admired celebrity in the movie and other people who admire that celebrity.

Synergistic guilt occasionally means fairly normal and successful liberals talk to a psychiatrist once  a week for forty-years, forever convinced they have a individual problem, when they don't.


In my very humble opinion Western liberals have lost their minds, collectively. I think, at best, they are over-burdened with feelings of guilt.

Are they useful idiots? Are they now the #1 stupider-than-they-should-be group in human history? Are they seemingly working towards having the Western world commit suicide? ... I am not sure.

There is the phenomenon of liberals who see some of what is going on. eg socialist Chris Hedges,
We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.
which is a bit exaggerated


A few times I have wondered about something I call "the hominid unconscious", which would exist more in people who are an admixture of hominids ... white (Cro-Magnon + Neanderthal).  Asian (Cro-Magnon + Denisovan). something along those lines ... if this were true there might be  something parallel to guilt, very very deep, metaphorically about the wipeout of the destroyed hominid .. this would be trace, and take the form a 'taboo against the knowledge of existence' (Watts) ... those afflicted would not have REM dreams about it. but would feel less natural, less able to have a personality, more attracted to celebrity, much more prone to guilt, more desirous of a 'return to nature', more drawn to crossword puzzles and to yoga ... simultaneously other ethnicities would see their culture as not  worth preserving, since the people involve were kind of 'ghosts' due to the duality of the admixture... I really am not sure about this bit