3 big photos featuring sky, and their effect

They are all newly on Flickr.

'flying over
the rainbow'

'Strawbales Under
a Stormy Sky'

'Train at
Egbert Crossing'

Since each photo includes sky, each has at least an implied horizon.
In the first photo the horizon is below the image.
In the third photo, note the train's DRL is almost exactly at the camera lens' subjective horizon.1

Which brings me to the energetic, usually-friendly photo technique called OOB ( meaning 'out of bounds'). Of the whole OOB gallery, the best one happens to feature two good-looking women:

Notice how this image has two implied horizons:
  1. in the virtual space the 3D embedded photo is floating in

  2. in the embedded photo, which alludes to its own horizon just beyond the edge of the water.

It's soothing, right? And not just the women?

In my opinion2 horizons help human beings emotionally, and since this image has two, it is extra-soothing.

1 -- about the train photo, I checked and Ohio has no special rule mandating headlights on trains in the daytime (Cf).

2-- I have given my opinion of DRLs already. I used a lot of words and didn't get to my good points until halfway through. It's a horizon-related issue, I claim, a collective paranoia.

modified 2006-12-07, then 2007-01-01 a bit more