HDR photo technique compared to poetry

HDR is an emerging technique where multiple photos taken a different f-stops are merged by a computer, resulting in a greater range of visible detail.
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William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) was a US poet.

What do they have to do with each other? Well...not much. They are in separate media. But to me the way each represents depth matches.

Here is a WCW poem with its lines pushed together:

"The little sparrows hop ingenuously about the pavement quarreling with sharp voices over those things that interest them. But we who are wiser shut ourselves in on either hand and no one knows whether we think good or evil.

Meanwhile, the old man who goes about gathering dog-lime walks in the gutter without looking up and his tread is more majestic than that of the Episcopal minister approaching the pulpit of a Sunday.

These things astonish me beyond words."

'Pastoral'  [~1915]

Maybe it's a stretch but I see Williams' style in these photos:

'Mt. Fuji
from Hayama'

'Working way
too hard'
these are linked to large photos on Flickr

A couple more from the set '??? (Mt. Fuji)' and one with a nicely realized depth-of-field.

edited 11/28/2006