link to elitist profile of Colbert

A culture-watching magazine this week has a profile of Stephen Colbert.
-the word 'truthiness' was coined just hours before the taping of the first show
-He’s a big Lord of the Rings fan
-He studied philosophy in college
-one of his inspirations was Don Novello (better known as the SNL character 'father Guido Sarducci')

Btw, my link is not an endorsement. The author of the profile has deep-seated elitism issues. His attitudes are dropped here and there in the text as if they were pearls. Looked at seperately they're not so bad, but over the course of the article they're like a very slow spiritual poisoning. Four examples:

  • the author implies Colbert is less important than the great New York magazine
    “This has been a very good year for Stephen Colbert”

  • He writes
    “Colbert in person is one of those rare comedians who like to dissect comedy”
    I am pretty sure this is just false, that most comedians do like to 'dissect comedy' (even though few would use that baleful verb). But by writing this he gets to subtly flatter himself (since the article is itself an analysis of comedy the implications are that he is himself rare, and that he understands the topic better than most comedians).

  • At one point the author pretends to himself he has a cool comparison to Ann Coulter that Colbert didn't even think of
    “When I mention the comparison to Colbert, though, he seems surprised, even unnerved”
    Dude, maybe he wasn't 'unnerved', maybe he was realizing what a total dip you are.
    [notably this is the only direct account of the interview itself]

  • In the final paragraphs -discussing the 'mob'- there is this:
    “[Colbert]'s become something very close to what he’s parodying, a kind of Bill O’Reilly for the angry left”
    The angry left? Dude, did your paranoia spells mean you had to skip Emotions 101? (to explain: when people are laughing it's not the same as when they are angry.)